Jenilee Harms
🌟I am competing for Mrs. Nebraska 2018!🌟
Being on stage has long been a dream of mine. As a little girl watching the Miss America Pageant and as a grown woman following our very own Allison Tietjen to her reign, I have long admired these women for their poise, beauty and dedication.

I committed to this right around Christmas and was a little late to the party, but over the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to meet the other contestants and the reigning Mrs. Nebraska (read the press release).  I am honored to be on stage with such an amazing group of women!

The time was right for me to do this but definitely throws me out of my comfort zone!

I have spent the last few years focusing on my life and who I am. I have learned to forgive. That includes myself and others. I have learned that I can no longer hold back on my dreams because of society’s perception of who I am, who I was, or who I should be.

I have accepted that mental illness is real, not anyone’s fault, and cannot always be “fixed on our own”. Most of you know that I have OCD wrapped in ADHD with a sprinkle of anxiety! It’s a work in progress, but recognizing this gives me hope that I will thrive and be able to help my children if this should ever become an issue for them.

Ok, ok…so my platform will be based on a few things near and dear to me…volunteering and self-acceptance. 🌟🌟“Shine….beyond”🌟🌟
That means to shine beyond the spotlight by volunteering or just carrying on good works without public recognition. Every person should experience the pride that comes from performing selfless acts of kindness or bravery.

It also means to shine beyond your flaws. We all have them. By accepting that those do not define who we are, we can then be the best version of who God intended us to be. I have found this peace and continue to build on it every day. It is liberating and amazing. I wish this for everyone!

Well, this is getting lengthy so just keep checking in every once in a while and remember to 🌟Shine Beyond🌟

Thanks – Jenilee