About Me

An early photo with my brothersI was born January 27th, 1984 and share the same birth date as my aunt, second cousin, an ex-coworker and two other people that I know. If I didn’t need a reason to try to be different, I got one anyway.  My parents are amazing and hard working people yet left me with one perplexing question for most people…how could I have “double cousins”?  When a sister marries her sister’s husband’s brother, things get really hard to explain to people who can’t follow direction.

I grew up in a loving and peaceful home with two older brothers and a multitude of farm animals.  Most pictures of my youth have a puppy, kitten, horse or cow somewhere in the frame.  We didn’t have a lot, but we had each other, and that was enough.

My early years were very happy, but as I got older adolescent insecurities started to emerge.  I developed an eating disorder and Jenilee Harms HS Basketball 2001it became a daily struggle to keep it all together.  I excelled in volleyball and basketball, always made the honor roll and worked hard outside of school.  The Chester-Hubbell-Byron school closed after my junior year due to declining numbers and I transferred out of the district.  Starting in a new school as a senior was not easy.  The discipline I once had over my compulsions had spiraled out of control and left me vulnerable and weak.  College was much of the same and after an ATV accident in 2004, I was unable to return to college and the downward spiral continued.  The following year, I met my son’s father and entered a toxic relationship.  When I found out I was pregnant, I felt my life had hit rock bottom, when in actuality it was just beginning.  My son saved my life.  He gave me purpose when I needed it the most.  Being a single parent was not always easy but is one of my greatest accomplishments.

When my son, Hayden, was two years old, I reconnected with Jordan, whom I had known my whole life.  The timing was then perfect for our love to grow.  He supports me through my crazy, outrageous adventures and always helps me come back to center when my mind drifts me across seas of obscurity.  Most importantly, he loves my son, and my son loves him back with an understanding that brings tears to my eyes.

We were married June 11, 2011 with Hayden as the best man and were blessed with the birth of our daughter, Harlow,  in August of 2012.

We live on my family’s farm near Chester and never have a dull moment!! Jenilee Harms and FamilyWe have cows, dogs, cats, chickens, peafowl, guineas and by tomorrow there may be something new!  I work for the USPS in Chester and am a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for Chester Fire and Rescue.  Check out my volunteer page for more on that!!

The journey I have been on so far has not always been easy but I am so blessed for what I have been given.  The last eight years of my life has been filled with healing and forgiveness.  I cannot change the past but I can change how I let it affect my future.

There are days of chaos and sadness just as there would be with any family.  However, we use these moments to draw closer.  I could never ask for anything more than what I have now so I have embarked on this journey to help others find that same comfort.  I love to listen to anyone willing to open their heart to begin the process of healing.  I love to share my life experiences, both good and bad, in hopes that even just one person can relate. There is a comfort in knowing someone else has felt those same emotions and that it is OK to be vulnerable if it means healing can begin.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site and never hesitate to reach out for support.  Never stop striving to be you and always remember to shine beyond……..